License agreement

This Agreement regulates the relations between the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “Agency”) and the entity (hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer”) purchasing photographic, graphic, infographic, audio-visual and other works (hereinafter “materials”) at (hereinafter the “Site”). The buyer is a legal entity which has successfully registered and entered into the License Agreement with the Agency.

  1. Terms of purchasing and using materials
    1. The Buyer can access the materials posted at once its registration has been confirmed.
    2. The Buyer shall enter its username and password to access to low- and/or high-resolution images without the protection character (watermark) on the Site.
    3. The Buyer may not:
      • Grant its user name and password to other parties, including legal entities, or allow other parties, including legal entities, to access the Site;
      • Cache/save the entire site or any of its part at servers to show to parties which are not registered on the Site.
      • Allows its username and password to be used by several users, including in the interests of legal entities.
    4. If the username and password are not used for the designated purposes (and thus the abovementioned clauses are violated), the Agency shall reserve the right to deny access to the Site and to block access for all users of the IP address.
    5. Via the SPUTNIKMEDIABANK.COM service, the Agency shall grant the Buyer the right (non-exclusive license) to use the copied and purchased materials to the extent and in the manner set out in the Contract (License Agreement) to be concluded by the parties.
    6. The Buyer may not use materials in violation of the current laws of the Russian Federation or to defame the Agency, the author of materials or the person shown in the image.
    7. The Agency shall grant no rights regarding the use of names, depictions of people, property, trademarks, logos, design solutions, works of art, monuments of Russia or other countries (whether registered, unregistered, or protected by copyright) depicted in any material put up for sale. The Agency shall not make any guarantees or commitments regarding the legal usage of any materials. The Buyer shall secure from third parties all necessary permission, approval and agreement regarding samples, property, logos, trademarks, and monuments and other permission, approval and agreement necessary to use the material.